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Author: jango.eth
Date: (2022-9-8)


As JuiceboxDAO looks to encourage and support game-changing projects and capital formation schemas to form leveraging the Juicebox protocol, it should consider sponsoring accessible in-real-life gatherings hosted by contributors intimately familiar with the protocol and its potential applications to big-picture ideas, and attended by passionate builders, designers, and capital allocators.

The Thirsty Thirsty community and I are curating programming in a house in Bogota for ceremony, celebration of our agricultural lineage, and design sprints focused around how we might sustainably fund land-based projects using Web3 primitives, around the time of DevCon.

October 10 is Indigenous Peoples Day. Participate in a Rapé ceremony with a small group of 10ish invitees hosted by our Indigenous partner and friend Juanda, followed by an open farm-to-table breakfast.

Optionally, invitees can secure a bedroom in our house for the week as their home-base for DevCon. We will host this ceremony for the small group, and then open up design sprints, gatherings, and stock the kitchen with local food and drinks for broader groups of our Web3 builder friends. The space will regularly remain open for programming from others who are building projects leveraging the Juicebox protocol.

We're booking for a week, and asking for a $35,000 grant to cover expenses for invitees.


A few weeks ago at the FWB festival in Idyllwild I met Bruxa, an incredibly passionate hospitality professional who is evolving her organization, Thirsty Thirsty (thirstythirsty.org), to being community-owned using Web3 tools. We quickly bonded over big ideas of funding mechanisms to sustain land-based projects that bring people together over delicious ingredients and big-picture impact, and our complicated Brazilian heritage.

"Thirsty Thirsty is an ancestral remembrance project disguised as the coolest food and wine club on Earth. Through celebrating ancestral agricultural lineages, we regenerate the planet and our interconnectedness – deliciously."

Bruxa has relationships with hospitality pros and farmers around the world. One of which, Juanda, is an Indigenous jungle guide passionate about Amazonas food-ways and wisdom in the Colombian zone. Per his recommendation, Juanda will host a Rapé ceremony for a small group of invited people on the morning of October 10th in Bogota, followed by a farm-to-table breakfast prepared by a local top chef in Bruxa's network.

🐍 Rapé is a traditional “snuff” in Amazonas. The ceremony provides clarity, concentration, and third-eye activation before a hunt.

We're planning to book a beautiful house for the ceremony, which will also have 5 rooms for folks to call home-base for the week. We'll hold formal and informal design sprints with whoever is around. The focus is to design and build funding mechanisms to sustain land-based movements.

We're raising a minimum of $35,000 to carry out the event to its fullest capacity, and are encouraging another $10,000 earmarked to be spent to kickstart funding for what we build together on-site. Assuming a 10 person ceremony, this comes to an upfront $3,500 per person. This funding proposals to JBDAO, alongside other individual contributions the jb project might receive, will cover invitee's costs on their behalf: https://juicebox.money/v2/p/228.

$2,500 to Juanda for producing & hosting. Goes to support his build of Amazonas location. $10,000 for rent and the production of all culinary events and special programming. $12,500 to pay the production staff at Bruxa’s discretion. $10,000 to pay for Thirsty Thirsty XP memberships that’ll be leveraged as prizes throughout the week. Any leftovers will be designated to JBDAO for discretionary use.

Invites will be prioritized to JuiceboxDAO contributors interested in helping build fundraising experiments during the week. No more than half invitees will be JuiceboxDAO focused to make sure there’s space for valuable people from around the ecosystem to take part alongside. Reach out to Jango if interested.

Although JuiceboxDAO shouldn’t expect it, any funds that prove to be in excess of our needs will be returned to the DAO.

🐍 Check out Juanda’s instagram for jungle inspiration. 🥂 Check out TT’s past event photos here for vibes.


JuiceboxDAO will route $35,000 worth of ETH from its V2 treasury to Project ID 228.


Project ID 228 will be used entirely to pay for all ingredients that will make the event a success. Invitees are asked to donate $3,500 worth of ETH each to the treasury if they decide to participate — this grant from JuiceboxDAO will reduce this burden for participants.


Running events involve lots of moving parts and exposure to environmental uncertainties, there are many unforeseen things that could go wrong in the process. Our partnership with Thirsty Thirsty is meant to mitigate these risks and ensure we’re paying established hospitality professionals and event producers to do the best they can with new information that may arise along the way.


This one time payment should be encoded as soon as possible.

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