JBP-307 - Fund blunt finance experiment

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Author: jango.eth
Date: (2022-12-02)


$35k to Blunt Finance jb project.

Jacopo has prototyped a fundraising-specific project bootstrapper that we’re calling blunt.finance, which lets projects automate some fundraising-specific parameters encoded into funding cycles. There’s a chance this project can evolve into being a core component of growth-oriented juiceboxe projects.


The technical purpose of Blunt finance is to experiment with creating fundraising-specific funding cycles, where:

  • a funding target can be specified. If not reached, a subsequent funding cycle is automatically configured to give contributors refunds. Else the project’s ownership is transferred to the rightful owner to be operated as any other juicebox project.
  • a funding cap can be specified. If reached, the fundraise will not accept more funds or issue more tokens.
  • all contributors during the funding cycle receive a share of a Slicer (https://github.com/slice-so/contracts-core), which can have reserved token distributions routed to during future funding cycles. Slicers can include vesting properties.

The prototype is finished — see repo and README here https://github.com/jbx-protocol/blunt-finance, the prototype web app here https://dev.blunt.finance/ and dev logs here https://astonishing-moss-f4f.notion.site/Dev-log-dcf7404ac3ca4159a68e4881cfbc36a5. Next moves are:

  1. to integrate into the workflow of prospective jb projects by working with JuiceboxDAO, Peel, and those contributors encouraging jb project creations.
  2. to help capital allocators in retail and VC better understand the Juicebox protocol and its affordances, attempting to create an appetite for moving more money through the protocol to ambitious projects and communities, while maintaining confidence and governance over the risk profile being assumed when doing so.
  3. to continue iterating on the technical specs of the extension given feedback on the prototype.


$35k routed to Blunt finance project ID (TBD, will establish by 12/8).

Funds will be used to pay dev stream (routed directly to those who submit PRs onto the Blunt finance Github repository, as managed by Jacopo) and possibly audits. We intend to keep much of the funds in the treasury for future spend on finding product market fit.

Alongside this grant, the Blunt finance treasury will be open to fundraising from anyone else on the internet.


Blunt finance project will use its own protocol in its jb treasury. This is a great way to incentivize experimental network componentry development, and Jacopo and the Slice community have been alongside the Juicebox community for a long time.

The number is $35k because the DAO has been implicitly trying to figure out what happens when it moves $35k around to the network's edges with its grants to Studio DAO and Defifa.


Blunt finance has execution risk. Though Blunt reduces the Juicebox protocol onboarding to fewer parameters hypothesized to make fundraising more approachable, there’s a chance introducing a new concept, contracts, and web domain confuses folks more than it helps.

There’s also a risk contributors reprioritize their time into more worthwhile endeavors.


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